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  • Victorious Living Foundation

    Victorious Living FoundationThis website is for the Victorious Living Foundation, which based in St. Maarten, and whose mission is to reconcile families, individuals, the Church, Governments and nations to our Creator and each other while demonstrating we can live victoriously.

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  • Six-Step Relational Database Design™

    Six-Step Relational Database Design (Second Edition)

    The second edition of this book is even more dedicated to structuring and simplifying the database design process, and like the first edition outlines a simple but reliable six-step process for accurately modeling user data.

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Welcome to my website! I am an author, a database designer and developer, a website designer and developer, and a lecturer. This website is dedicated to informing you about myself, my services and my accomplishments. Specifically, you can find out about:

  •  My background
  •  The consulting services that I offer
  •  The projects that I have worked on
  •  The books, articles and papers I have authored
  •  How to contact me

I have recently redesigned and relaunched my website to coincide with the launch of the second edition of my book, Six-Step Relational Database Design. This new design is responsive and versatile, which means that your browsing experience is tailored to the device you are viewing the website on - phone, tablet or desktop. I hope you enjoy the colorful new look and feel, and you are welcome to give me your feedback directly.

My Life's Mission

To be successful in anything that I endeavor to do, personal or professional, and to apply myself and my knowledge as best as I can to any situation, personal or professional, in a manner that will lead to a positive and productive outcome. I treat every challenge as an opportunity to succeed, knowing that well done is better than well said - great men are first remembered for what they did, then for what they said.

My Vision

To share my knowledge and experiences with those that diligently seek it, telling them of the joys and splendors of life, warning them of life's pitfalls, and imparting my knowledge of the hidden mysteries of science and nature. It is my hope that before I die to have some specific bit of knowledge attributed to me that can be passed on to the future generations, so that my flame is kept alive for a thousand years.

Life's Lessons

  •  Everyone is given a gift. You have to figure out what yours is and use it to succeed in life.
  •  Work for whatever you want. Through hard work and dedication you can achieve almost anything in life.
  •  Life is not fair, so don' t expect it to be fair. Take what you've got and run with it.
  •  Some people have more luck than others, some are given more chances than others, and some have more opportunities than others.

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