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IT Educator
With over 18 years experience educating young and mature persons in the field of Information Technology in topics that range from basic computer usage skills to advanced programming, I have the experience to conduct IT training at all levels for various skills. I can also create and evaluate IT curriculum for training programs and courses, short or long.


I have been educating IT professionals for over 15 years as a community college lecturer, and I have been educating persons in IT topics there years before that. Over the course of those 18 years I have amassed a wealth of experience in curriculum, course, and program evaluation, design and re-design. I was instrumental in helping my colleg get accreditation by plaing a pivotal role in the re-designing of our Computer Studies curriculum, courses and program.

In the area of Information Technology, I specialize in the following:

  •  Curriculum evaluation, design, or re-design
  •  Course evaluation, design, or re-design
  •  Program evaluation, design, or re-design

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or queries.

Papers and Essays

Over the course of many years of lecturing, studying and presenting at various conferences, I have amassed several student handouts, essays, open letters and papers. Some of the work is published and some is not; some is old but relevant and some is not so old but still relevant. However, all are available to peruse and download free of charge.

Here is a list of my papers and essays, with the most popular ones on top:

Student Handouts

Over the past 16 years of lecturing computer subjects ranging from computer architecture to Java programming, I have amassed a series of handouts that I give to students. I have included the handouts that are still relevant in the hope that some budding engineer or programmer might find it useful.

Here is a list of my student handouts, with the most popular ones on top:

Videos of my lectures to students

The videos below are videos of actual lectures that I gave, teaching the techniques outlined in Six-Step Relational Database Design™. They give a detailed explanation of the six steps outlined in the book starting with a summary of step 1 to Step 5, and goes through all six steps.

The videos are in sequence and some of the steps may have more than one video explaining that step. You can also watch the videos directly on my YouTube channel  .

Click on the images below to watch the videos (also on YouTube  ).

Summary of Step 1 to Step 5

Step 1 (pt 1) - Discover Entities

Step 1 (pt 2) - Assign Attributes

Step 2 - Derive Unary and Binary Relationships

Step 3 - Creating the Simplified E-R Diagram

Step 4 - Listing Assertions for All Relationships

Step 5 - Creating the Detailed E-R Diagram

Step 6 (pt 1) - Creating the Crow's Foot R-M Diagram

Step 6 (pt 2) - Creating the Crow's Foot R-M Diagram