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Six-Step Relational Database Design™ (Second Edition)

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Six-Step Relational Database Design™ bridges the gaps between database theory, database modeling, and database implementation and should be used as a handbook for students and professionals in the software-development field. The technique described in this book can be used by students for quickly developing relational databases for their applications, and by professionals for developing sturdy, reliable, and accurate relational database models for their software applications.

Six-Step Relational Database Design (Second Edition)

The second edition of Six-Step Relational Database Design™ contains a new chapter on implementation that goes through the steps necessary to implement the designs on a relational database management system, clearly relating the design to implementation and database theory. And like the first edition, it uses three case studies that start with a statement of the problem by the client, then goes through the six steps necessary to create a reliable and accurate data model of the client's business requirements.

Topics covered include ACID compliance, normalization, cascade updates and cascade deletes, indexes, and data types, with each of these topic areas describing the necessary implementation considerations. In addition, questions are also included at the end of each of the six steps to test your knowledge and understanding of the technique.

Explore the online courses for a comprehensive eLearning experience:

Browse the video lecture series that can be used by both lecturers and students as teaching and learning aids, respectively:

Have a look at the case studies used in the book, and the outputs of the six step database design process as described in the book:

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Book Details
Binding Paperback (Kindle version also available)
Page Count
230 pages
Price $29.99 $24.04 (Paperback) and $9.99 (Kindle)
Print Black & White on White paper (9.2 x 7.5 x 0.5 inches)
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language English
ISBN-10 1481942727
ISBN-13 978-1481942720