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At the moment I have only one book, Six-Step Relational Database Design, which is in its second edition, one soon to be published paper, Cultural Preservation Through Intellectual Property Protection, and several non-published works. I also have many handouts that I give to my students, but I have only included the most relevant and up-to-date ones.


I have only published one book so far, Six-Step Relational Database Design™, which is in its second edition. The first edition was mildly successful and got a lot of good reviews on Amazon. I also got input from lecturers at community colleges across the United States about what was missing and what should be included to make the book more attractive as a course text. The second edition includes these recommendations as well as those from students and professionals in the field.

I always welcome comments and suggestions on how to make the writings better. If you have any ideas on how to improve Six-Step Relational Database Design please contact me directly.


I have a few non-published papers that I completed as part of my Master's, but only one, soon to be published, paper titled Cultural Preservation Through Intellectual Property Protection. This paper was presented at the Islands of the World XII Conference in June 2012, and will be published in a book titled, Small Island Development in the 21st Century: Prospects and Challenges in a Neo-Liberal Age edited by Godfrey Baldacchino & Dana Lewis-Ambrose.

Over the next few years I will be pursuing a Masters in Education, so I will have more papers and essays as time goes on. I have included both my published and non published work and you can browse and reference them both if you wish.


Over the past 11 years of lecturing computer subjects ranging from computer architecture to Java programming, I have amassed a series of handouts. Some of which are obsolete while others remain relevant. I have included the handouts that I think are still relevant in the hope that some students will find it useful.

I hope that my handouts are useful to a budding engineer or just useful in helping you understand a particular topic more clearly. Please contact me directly to let me know what you think.

List of Publications

  • Six-Step Relational Database Design™

    Six-Step Relational Database Design (Second Edition)The second edition of this book is even more dedicated to structuring and simplifying the database design process, and like the first edition outlines a simple but reliable six-step process for accurately modeling user data.

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  • Video Lectures

    Six-Step Database Design Video Lecture SeriesThe six-step database design video lecture series is designed to compliment the Six-Step Relational Database Design™ book, and should be used by both lecturers and students as teaching and learning aids, respectively.

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  • Guyana needs a community college

    Guyana needs a community collegeThis is an open letter to the Minister of Education of Guyana outlining why a community college in should be added to Guyana's post-secondary education system and how such an institution can be financed.

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  • Cultural preservation through IPR

    Cultural preservation through IPRInfamously nicknamed my Rum Paper, this paper examines how intellectual property can and has been used to protect and preserve cultural icons, such as, Pusser's Painkiller® cocktail and Gosling's Dark 'n Stormy® cocktail.

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