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Project Sekstrin - Online Database Design

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Project SekstrinProject Sekstrin is an Open Source project that uses the Six-Step Relational Database Design™ technique to create an online relational database design application. An application that produces sturdy, reliable and accurate relational database online in six easy steps starting with a statement of the problem and ending with a Crow's Foot R-M diagram or equivalent SQL code.

The Project

The Sekstrin Project leverages the Joomla framework to build different Joomla components that work with each other allowing the user to design a relational database online in six easy steps. There will be at least six Joomla components, with each component being responsible for one of the six steps.

The six-step process used by Sekstrin takes the problem specification for a database as text input in Step 1 and then goes through six steps to create SQL code for the derived design at the end of Step 6. A corresponding Crow's Foot Relational Model Diagram is also created as part of the database design process.

Joomla components will be used to implement each of the six steps, with the outputs from each component (step) being used as inputs to the next component (step) in the process. Users will still be able to modify their design at every step, optimizing it at every stage.

Learn more about the project.

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