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Database Design Projects

A well designed relational database is critical to the efficiency of any application that relies on a relational database for its data. Almost 15 years experience goes into every relational database I design, so you are guaranteed the efficiency and accuracy that comes with experience.

I can design small, medium sized, and large relational databases for use in almost any business situation and application. I also can analyze how your data is currently structured, organized, stored, retrieved, and used within your organization, and then make recommendations on how to improve your data organization, storage, and retrieval.

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to design your database or analyze your company's data for you.

List of Database Projects

  • Freight and Duty Calculator

    Freducal -  Freight and Duty CalculatorThis MS Access database application calculates the freight and duty on all incoming parcels and packages for Khoy's Mailbox rentals, and then produces invoices for the clients, and maintains a balance of all transactions and invoices for the company.

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  • StudenTrack - Version 2.5

    StudenTrack - BVI Seventh Day Adventist SchoolThis new version customizes the grading system so that it fits what is required by the BVI's Department of Education. There are also some improvements over the previous version, and this version has been tested and used with MS Access 2008.

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