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College Lectures

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Videos of my lectures to students

The videos below are videos of actual lectures that I gave, teaching the techniques outlined in Six-Step Relational Database Design™. They give a detailed explanation of the six steps outlined in the book starting with a summary of step 1 to Step 5, and goes through all six steps.

The videos are in sequence and some of the steps may have more than one video explaining that step. You can also watch the videos directly on my YouTube channel  .

Click on the images below to watch the videos (also on YouTube  ).

Summary of Step 1 to Step 5

Step 1 (pt 1) - Discover Entities & Assign Attributes

Step 1 (pt 2) - Discover Entities & Assign Attributes

Step 2 - Derive Unary and Binary Relationships

Step 3 - Creating the Simplified E-R Diagram

Step 4 - Listing Assertions for All Relationships

Step 5 - Creating the Detailed E-R Diagram

Step 6 (pt 1) - Creating the Crow's Foot R-M Diagram

Step 6 (pt 2) - Creating the Crow's Foot R-M Diagram


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